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Hi, I'm Dr. Corinne
I help people who have a family legacy of Alzheimer's to age gracefully using my holistic and science-based "Mindful Aging" framework.

You know when you have a memory lapse, and your mind immediately goes
to that place of worry and dread?...

Oh no! Am I getting Alzheimer's?!!

You know you really don't want to get Alzheimer's disease.

You experienced it, saw it up close, and you would give anything
for your children to not experience this heartache.

In searching for answers, you're overwhelmed by all the information
for healthy brain aging and preventing Alzheimer's.

What do you do? Who do you trust? How do you sort through all the advice? 


Dr. Corinne Spencer bridges the gap between the latest science about Alzheimer's and practical, real life solutions.

She's an Ivy-league educated PhD neuroscientist and former genetics professor with 30 years of molecular neuroscience research experience. 

As an educator, transformational health and life coach, and a 50+ year old woman with a family legacy of Alzheimer's, Dr. Corinne informs, supports and empowers you to take action and create lasting lifestyle changes, so you can reclaim your future and age gracefully in body, mind and spirit.

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